Drawing and doodling has been part of my life as far back as I can remember. Over the years I have developed a personal style. So have a look around the site, and perhaps head over to one of the sites where my work is for sale.

I am Mags, I am a Doodle Addict

I once had to confess to a manager, that doodling during meetings was my way of keeping focussed on what was being said. I showed her my notebook, and she had a laugh. It was full of little caricatures of colleagues and representations of what we had been meeting about (like 'the content tree' that was now 'fenced off'). I have a very visual brain, so translating meeting material into doodles is just a way of processing. Yep, I am a Doodle Addict.

Doodling Transformed Into Illustrating a Few Years Ago

When my dear significant other (who is a graphic designer, check out his site here) told me about Zazzle, I initially did not think of illustrations. He used the site to keep his skills level up, and I was just mucking about really. After a while I began to consider that maybe my doodles could be elevated into something unique. 

I Began to Develop My Own Style

As I began to think of my doodling more as illustrating, I began to try different styles and techniques. With every attempt I became more aware of my own unique style.

As with every skill my abilities and style continue to develop, as I learn new techniques and find new inspiration.

Calling Myself an Illustrator

Now here is the moment that I will call myself an illustrator. Over the years I went from doodling to delivering custom illustrations, so I guess that makes it true.


Yes, I am still a doodle addict, but at least I don't have to explain myself to managers any more ;)

Latest Blog Post

365 Doodles

It has long been established that I am a doodle addict. Recently I came across Johanna Fritz's 365 Doodle Challenge. I jumped right on and joined. 

I had joined a photo-a -day challenge before, and just made illustrations rather than photos. But when I saw the Doodle Challenge I figured it would probably suit me better. Boy was I right!

First of all the themes of this challenge are catered to illustrators, rather than photographers. Secondly, there are other illustrators on the challenge too. So you get to see their work too, and that is so inspirational!

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I am an illustrator (and I take some nice photos too). Some of my work I do directly for clients. Some of the work I sell on print on demand websites. 

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Photography has been a hobby for many years. I recently started to sell some of my work. I mostly take photos of animals, flowers and landscapes.

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Colouring Pages

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Fun Freebies

Here are some fun images to share on your social media, print for some fun on and around your house or office. Just get creative and enjoy :)

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